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Carla Taylor
Carla Taylor
Bring Your Brilliance Founder

About the instructor

Carla Taylor is the Founder + Podcast Host for Bring Your Brilliance, and the author of "The Career Happiness Project". With over 25 years of experience helping individuals, teams, and organizations excel and grow, and a Master's Degree in Communications and Training Technology, Carla brings a strengths-based, positive psychology approach to help maximize each individual's talents, motivators, and energizers. 

 Carla's experience has spanned continents and a wide variety of industries. She has worked with large corporations, entrepreneurs and startups, non-profit organizations, hospitals, and universities. Carla has been an employee, hiring manager, recruiter, project manager, HR consultant, employee engagement specialist, business owner, adjunct professor, and outplacement career coach. With this breadth and depth of perspective, she knows from experience that everyone has a unique set of gifts, strengths, and contributions to offer.

What if you could wake up every day, excited to go to work, energized by the work you do?

What if there was an easy, step-by-step program to help you clarify what you really want to do that best fits your life, both now and next?

Are you ready to be Career Happy?

After working one-on-one with hundreds of clients to help them gain the clarity and focus they needed to know exactly what makes them tick and how to thrive at work, I realized that nearly everyone needs to learn how to take charge of their own Career Happiness and create their own career path. 

Discover U: The Career Happiness Project is made for you, if you are ready to discover what makes you truly happy at work.

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6.0 hrs

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